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Forever Floating's Float Tanks

The two types of float tanks we offer have the following features:

An interior that is larger than a double bed, tanning bed or a phone booth...if they still exist.  

Large door that is good for ease of access and it allows you to float with the door open until you feel comfortable enough to close it and let the fun begin.

Internal LED lights that you may use until you feel comfortable enough to turn them off.

Internal handles which give you complete control over the door and allow for easy entry and exit.

The entire volume of float water is filtered multiple times before your float.  The filter holes are 100 tines smaller than a human hair.

The water is also passed under a UV lamp ensuring that your water is clean.

The ability to choose a float pod or a float cabin.  This option is great for people who think claustrophobia might be an issue.  As mentioned above, you can also keep the interior light on, and/or the door open, if you prefer. Please note, however, that the open door can decrease the quality of the float because the air temperature is harder to control and the door is not closed to block sound. 

We have two oval shaped pods that are 4 feet wide and 7 feet long, with a domed ceiling almost 3 feet above the water level.  Floating occurs while flat on your back, in water that is 12 inches deep.
IMGP2860.JPG - We have three tanks, one of which is the cabin.  The cabin is rectangular, measuring 5 feet wide, 7.5 feet long, and 7 feet from floor to ceiling.  Floating occurs while flat on your back in 12 inches of water.  The cabin is designed for taller people, or those who might be claustrophobic.

We have two pods that are oval shaped and look really cool (in our opinion).  They are 4 feet wide and 7 long, with a domed ceiling almost 3 feet above the water level.  Floating occurs while flat on your back.













The cabin in Room #3 is rectangular.  Measuring 5 feet wide and 7.5 feet long, it offers a larger floating surface than the pods.  But the water depth is the same as that of the pods, 12 inches.  The inside of the cabin is 7 feet from floor to ceiling, so most people can stand comfortably inside the cabin.  But even though you can stand up in the cabin, you still lie down and float on your back.

Please call 360-42-FLOAT (360-423-5628) or schedule online (home page) choosing the day, time and tank you prefer.  Thanks!

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