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I had my first float today and it was incredible. This wasn't my first time floating all together, but by far the best experience I've had. Dave was very friendly, the pricing is excellent and the facilities are beautiful. - Angie - Longview

I'm so glad you are here! I was bound up from neck to shoulders.  I floated in a cabin for an  hour.  About halfway through, the pain melted away.  I have felt euphoric since.  I will be back.  - Pamela - Longview

I had my first float today in the pod for 60 minutes.  Dave did such a great job explaining everything to me to insure that I was 100% relaxed during my float. I loved all the details such as extra fluffy towels and amazing smelling shampoo.  The personal makeup room is such a plus, and even Q-tips! Thank you!! - Cassie - Astoria

Today was my first time floating.  It was relaxing and better than I expected! Everything was thoroughly explained so that my float could be fully enjoyed.  They have everything you need.  Love that there is even a room available to dry your hair and do makeup. I can't wait to float again. -  Sherie - Castle Rock

Went for the first time today. Dave could tell that I was a little nervous, but explained everything to me, and it was a great experience. I'll definitely be back. - Abigail - Longview

OMG.  Was in a major wreck ten years ago.  Have never been the same.  Constant back pain. Within 20 minutes I could feel my spine decompressing and relaxing, neck and shoulders limbering up! These folks are awesome, the facility is beautiful and the product is phenomenal! Definitely making this a routine. - Angela - Longview

I love floating! Having a local float therapy facility here in town is something very special.  I find this sensory deprivation experience relaxes the mind and body to the point of feeling revitalized and ready for a great day.  Thank you, Dave, for your guidance on how to get the most out of floating. I look forward to many more visits!  - Cathy -  Longview

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