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Guy in sydney float tank
 People who float usually do so for the following reasons:
Learn about floating from our friends at Float On

Stress Release and Anxiety            Reducttion

Pain Management and Relief

Learning and Creativity

Athletic Performance and Muscle Recovery

Meditation and a Deep Sense of Well-being

Beautification and Weight Loss

Pregnancy  (Please consult your doctor)

Floatation therapy may sound crazy until you realize that there are three simple things the tank can provide:

1) Reduced stimulation and sensory input that the brain has to process.  Your brain is magnificent and scientists have calculated that it takes in over 400 billion bits of information every second.  Even though you can't process or comprehend that much information, it is still there and your brain spends a great deal of energy shifting through it to find relevant parts.  This is greatly reduced in the tank because when you float you don't experience light, sound, gravity, touch or taste.  This frees up a great deal of energy that your body can redirect toward other purposes, like healing itself.  The tank is one of the best environments to be creative.  You don't have do deal with all the distractions.  The reduced stimulation also allows you to relax because you don't have to try to process and worry about all this information.  Stress is lifted and you often feel great.  Decreasing stress will also eliminate the harmful effects it has on your body. While floating many people enter a deep sense of relaxation from suppressing the sympathetic nervous system which produces our "fight or flight" response. Your parasympathetic nervous system is activated and you then are able to heal and replenish yourself.  Benefits include decreased muscle tension, decreased blood pressure, decreased stress hormones and increased dopamine and endorphins.  You have to try the tank to experience how great you can actually feel!


2) The neutralization of gravity occurs in the tank due to the 1000+ pounds of Epsom salt that are dissolved into the water.  You don't realize how much energy you put toward managing gravity until you finally leave it behind.  The sense of weightlessness can bring a smile to your face once you get in the tank.  Your joints will decompress and your blood pressure often decreases due to your heart not having to pump against gravity.  Your muscles will significantly relax, perhaps for the first time in your life.  The neutralization of gravity and the magnesium sulfate are why athletes prefer to recover in a tank.  Also 80 percent of the energy used by your nervous system is freed up to concentrate on other matters.  Leaving gravity behind is reason enough to try floating.


3) Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate is involved in more than 300 biochemical reactions in your body, which is more than any other mineral including calcium.  Floating can help given that 70 percent of Americans are affected by magnesium deficiency.    Many of the body’s functions and structures depend on magnesium: it helps maintain strong bones (50 percent of the body’s magnesium is present in bone tissue); it supports the nervous system function; and it keeps the immune system healthy, which is critical for disease prevention.  Magnesium also regulates blood sugar levels; guards against diabetes and cardiovascular disease; normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol; regulates metabolism; helps with asthma; controls neuromuscular activity of the heart; ensures a regular heartbeat; reduces kidney stones; and reduces the risk of angina.  Magnesium also helps fight insomnia and digestive disorders.  Magnesium absorption through the skin in the tank is superior to taking a magnesium supplement.  This is because magnesium is attracted to water and most of the magnesium taken orally will simply pass through your body without being absorbed.  Epsom salt is a common beauty treatment, as it is great for your skin and hair.

What you can expect when you float

When you float at Forever Floating you will get a clean and comfortable environment that will facilitate the best possible float.  You have your own private room with a large tiled shower.   All external stimuli will float away once you step into the tank and close the door.  The water is the same temperature as your skin.  You will float effortlessly due to the 1000+ pounds of

Epsom salt.  The tank reduces sound, gravity, touch and sight.  The line between where your body ends and the water begins will dissolve and often people completely forget about their body while floating.  Your inner voice, where all your negativity and fear come from, will silence itself because there is nothing to narrate or judge in the tank.   The result can be bliss and relaxation left in pure contemplation.  


Sound different? It definitely is.  Most likely you've never experienced anything like floating, and its impossible to try and comprehend what its like until you try it.  Its entirely safe and there is nothing more relaxing and comfortable than nothingness.  

Learn about floating from our friends at Float House

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