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Float Nation Documentary Trailor

Guy floating in sydney float tank

Enhancing mental, emotional and physical





                      $64 - 60 Minute Float                 $83 - 90 Minute Float


Would you like to become a Frequent Floater at Forever Floating?  Our Membership and Membership Package reduce the cost per float.  You may share your floats with anyone on your list. Moreover, you can  buy additional floats at reduced rates. Packages don't expire until 1000 days after they are purchased.  Membership floats and Gift Cards do not expire.

Monthly Membership

 Number of Floats Per Month


1 - 60 minute

or 90 minute

float per month


Per Month



Per Float


$54 (less with more floats/month)

Each successive float per month costs less and less; as low as $40 (60 or 90 minute floats).  You may share your floats with others, and you may  obtain additional floats and gift certificates below the monthly membership prices (purchased as an additional float during the month). 



$10 (greater with more floats/month)

Click here for Memberships and Packages

  Membership Package 



   Number of Floats






You may share your floats with others, and you may obtain additional floats and gift certificates at your discounted price per float rate. (The price listed above is the same for 60 and 90 minute floats.) Non-membership packages with fewer floats are available upon request.

Price Per Float


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Gift Cards


It turns out that the gift of nothingness makes a great present.  Share the unique experience of floating and the resulting benefits.  Gift cards do not expire.  If you                        are a member, please call to purchase gift cards at your

                                                  reduced membership rate.

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