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Guy floating in sydney float tank

Come float with us.




  Tips For A Better Float

Don't drink caffeine 4-6 hours beforehand.

Don't shave or wax 4-6 hours beforehand.

Perform physical activity before your float, if possible, rather than after. 

Eat a light meal about one hour before your float.  


Consider clothing that is easy to change out of and back into.

If you wear contacts, take them out before your float. 

Silence your cell phone.

A cooler shower usually makes for a better float. 

Float nude.                                                  

Close the door to the tank, and turn off the light inside the tank.

Relax your muscles and your mind. 

Some people like to concentrate on their breathing.

Try not to expect anything in particular. Enter the float tank at Forever Floating with an open mind, and no fixed expectations.

  What To Do If... 

Your neck hurts during your float.  This is common as it is natural for people to think they need to hold their head up (which is not necessary because you cannot sink in float water).  Try using a halo float, or floating with your hands over your head.  You can also wiggle your neck or push it down before relaxing it. But the key is to relax your neck.

Your ear is still salty.  Placing a drop or two of white vinegar in your ear during a warm shower should remove the residual salt. But with or without using vinegar,  rinse well with warm water.

Salt remains in your hair.  Rinse first with

warm water.  Then wash with shampoo and

follow up with conditioner.

Your clothes are salty.  Don't worry, it washes  out with warm water.

You feel nauseated. People prone to motion sickness can feel nauseated in the float tank.  Becoming overheated, dehydrated or eating the wrong foods (or too much or too little) prior to your float can also lead to nausea.  Most of the time these issues can be overcome.

You feel good after your float. Visit Forever

Floating again.  The benefits can add up 

with additional floats.

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